Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Few Things

I just wanted to put up a few pictures from the week before last.
A nice leaf bug. I'm pretty sure I've seen these in the States too but he was big enough to earn a picture.

Brittany and I drove around our island and visited this waterfall along the way. There are quite a few in the area but this is the only one I've seen so far. The water falls into a gorgeous emerald pool.

These deer come and hang out in my backyard. Fully grown they are only half the size of the deer on the mainland and in the States. There are no predators here so I'm surprised that they aren't taking over the town.


emmanuel said...

this is ... japan? where is the mech armor? the chibi girls? haha, just kidding, these are amazing shots. I'm busting you an email right now...

Aqualung56 said...

Give 'em time....they're just lacking leadership at the moment.